TaiGar offers the latest fashions for the aggressive, audacious individual who is fashion conscience and appreciates versatility in their wardrobe. The mission of the line is to grow into one that takes their supporters from the boardroom to any evening event desired.


. ...As early as 1995 Taiseka Moore was creating designs for individuals, mini fashion shows and hair shows. From these events her designs began to attract major attention locally and a demand developed. In order to meet this demand and express herself through her creativity Taigar was born.


. ...Derived from the name Taiseka and Garland, a family name shared by three generations, TaiGar means grand family and gives a twist to the spelling and pronunciation of tiger. Characteristics associated with the tiger also describe what the line represents, such as good fortune, power and respect. Chinese and generally the majority of the east view the tiger as the king of beast.


. ...TaiGar is committed to remaining innovative, displaying a positive image and becoming the king of the fashion industry beasts.